Battery ‘B’ Today

N-SSA LogoFirst New Jersey Light Artillery, Clark’s Battery ‘B’, is an active Civil War Living History, Re-Enacting, and live fire competitive shooting organization. It is an established North – South Skirmishing Association (N-SSA) Member team.

Reactivated as a non-profit organization in the State of New Jersey in 1958, the battery strives to recreate itself as an authentic Civil War artillery unit. The Battery uses the original history of Battery ‘B’ of the First New Jersey Artillery, a Civil War unit commissioned in 1861, and originally designated 2nd Independent Battery, New Jersey Light Artillery, to look and act just like an authentic civil war artillery battery.

Our favorite activity, skirmishing, comprises of team and individual competitive shooting sports with original and authentic reproductions of Civil War firearms.

Matches include the Musket, Carbine, Repeating Rifle, Revolver, Smoothbore, Mortar, and our favorite event, the cannon matches. Individuals and teams shoot for score on a variety of paper and breakable targets.

In 2008 the Recreated Battery celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary.

Clark's Battery, 1st New Jersey Artillery

50th Anniversary Celebration. From L to R: Bill Russell, Chris Kendra, Bob Doremus, Pete Cox, Dennis Kendra (holding banner), Carol Kendra, Barbara Fisch, Bob Fisch, Steven Czsack, Michael Zablocky, Joann Zablocky, Larry Dugan, Jim Foran, Adam Kendra (23 mo. old), Brian Mullaney, Ami Kendra, Gerry Zablocky, Michael Kendra, Scott Doremus, Tom Murphy, and Bill Walker. Taken August of 2008

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Michael Hanifin, the author of the Battery History, and an original Battery member, wrote in 1912, referring to the Battery, “They were a fine lot of men.” Today’s Battery B tries to continue that tradition.

“That their guns — The King of Battle — will never be deserted simply because danger threatens is a point of honor around which the artillery has largely built the solid discipline of its corps.”